Counter rebated medieval door from Skanör church

The door from Skanör is counterrebated. The only other doors that is constructed in this way, that I am aware of, are from England. The English counterrebated doors are thougth to be highly exclusive and they are dated to the 11 and 12 century. The door from Skanör is in the collections of Lunds Historical Museum. Rhe door boards are not hewn but sawn. The used wood has grown fast. In the region this implies that the wood was felled in the period 1350-1500. The ironwork also is of a type that the diocese antiquarian in Linköping could say is probably from the 14-15th century. With the contradictionary features in mind we had the door dendrochronologically examined by Hans Linderson and me as an assistance. We used an non invasive method using an USB microscope. The result showed that the door is made in the end of the 14th century.

On the other side the door has lots of medieval graffiti and I and antiquarian Petter Jansson in collaboration with LUHM plan to document the graffiti as well.







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