Surgical repair of Wallplate, rafter and tiebeam

On the ICOMOS WOOD conference in York 2018, I presented the Ingatorp Tithe barn project. This project started in 2011 and ”ended” in 2018.  The president of ICOMOS WOOD, Mikel Landa, asked if I could make a pdf about an example of surgical repair that we used in Ingatorp. The link is to this pdf that mainly is made of pictures.

Shortly it can also be said that the repair material, blocked timbers, where made years in advance. They where entirely produced with relicas of medieval tools and with methods we have reconstructed in the sister project, the reconstruction of Södra Råda church also presented on this blog. We followed ICOMOS charters and principles, and also had made site specific additionally principles. One important principle was to take away as little original material as possible. Even if this principle ment that we had to use  a form of surgical repair with modern tools that was not traditional. The authenticity of the building and the many layers was not to be compromised.




ingatorp tie beam rafter wall plate



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